International Elevator Corporation
offers a full range of elevator services to help keep your business within Los Angeles Fire Department regulation standards.

International Elevator Corporation
offers a full range of elevator services to help keep your business within Los Angeles Fire Department regulation standards.


Reg. 4 Testing

City order to comply, re-inspection reports and 5 year load test. We also perform state requirement(s) testings and preliminary orders.

Under the Chief’s Regulation No. 4 Program, the Los Angeles Fire Department requires that building owners test their fire protection systems at regular intervals, including elevator emergency operations.

The procedures set forth by the LAFD involve a series of tests to ensure that all elevator cars in a building can respond in the event of an emergency. Testing will check for components such as elevator smoke detectors, main switches, panels, and ensuring that firefighters have access to them when needed. Elevator testing also checks that communication between all emergency components is seamless and works properly.

International Elevator Corporation specializes in regulation four testing, and we are an LAFD certified tester. Our technicians conduct all reg. 4 testing procedures and troubleshoot any problems. If we find anything that doesn’t work or is out of compliance, we take care of it right away. We will also inspect our work more than once so that you can feel assured that you are getting the best quality service.



Routine elevator maintenance is the best way to keep them fine-tuned and running smoothly. It also prevents any serious problems from developing in the future. By staying up-to-date on a routine maintenance schedule, you minimize the risk of having an elevator break down and inconveniencing the people in your building. International Elevator Corporation offers elevator maintenance services in Pasadena and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

Elevator Maintenance Services We Offer

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Minor elevator repairs
  • Service Calls
  • Visual inspections and testing
  • Preventative maintenance
By regularly maintaining your elevators, you save yourself from many headaches and save money on costly repairs. We make our elevator maintenance service convenient for you with flexible appointment times and give you the best quality service.
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If you’re in need of upgrades to your current elevator systems because they’re outdated or you have experienced an increase in ridership, elevator modernization is the solution for you.

International Elevator Corporation can customize a modernization plan that meets your specific needs and your budget.

Elevator Restoration

A modernization project doesn’t mean that your elevators have to lose their nostalgic value. We work with restorative projects for our customers who wish to preserve the originality of their models. Our elevator technicians can generate specific modernization plans custom suited to your elevator cars that will focus on upgrading the vital components while restoring and preserving their original parts. In the end, we will make your elevator units work more efficiently and bring their unique character back to life.

New Construction

New construction projects are complex and time sensitive. Builders need to be able to rely on multiple contractors to perform various jobs. Installing elevators for new buildings are a vital part of a construction project as it involves taking into account other aspects of the building process such as design, functionality, safety, and access to electrical power.

International Elevator Corporation works with builders across the Los Angeles region. We are licensed to install elevators for new buildings. We will work with you and your team on mapping out a cohesive strategy that gets your new elevator project done on time and on budget.


At some point in their life, an elevator will be in need of repairs. While keeping up with maintenance is the best way to prevent major problems, things don’t always work out perfectly, and an elevator’s components are subject to wear and tear. When this occurs, you should be able to count on an elevator repair service company that can diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

Don’t let mechanical problems with your elevator interrupt your day-to-day operations. International Elevator Corporation is an expert when it comes solving issues of all sizes, from minor fixes to more extensive repairs. Our technicians are equipped to handle repair solutions for any type of elevator.